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Awesome game! Very beautiful and scary. Played here :)



this game was AMAZING can't wait for the full version to be released. here is me playing the game. starts at 18:15 :)

Cabaret made it to my #1 spot in my top 3 games I played of 2021. I seriously love love love this game and its atmosphere. Everything about it flowed so nicely with terrifying visuals, sounds and concept. IT EVEN MADE ME CRY AT ONE POINT. Thank you so much for this lovely game! 
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I REALLY, REALLY LIKE YOUR GAME! It's very well done!

It's spooky and also it has a great atmosphere! I wanna play more of your creations.

I just played this game on my channel and loved it! My only complaint is that it's so short! I know it's just a demo- I hope you go further with it! If so, I'll gladly replay.

P.S. There is one problematic area: Where the record player plays, the song is a copyright claim which is extremely bad for Youtubers as we either have to monetize completely to the original creators of the music or not monetize at all. My channel is tiny so it isn't an issue, but for larger channels it will be.

Hello dear sir, i also tried this game out and i have to say character movement is very slow, also the camera shaking while moving isnt nessesary, it only causes motion sickness.

But overall its okey.

I have an update for you using 

Parallax, Pt. 1
causes a lot of problems for youtubers

This was certainly an experience. I normally dislike horror games but this physchological approach really speaks to me:

my recommended ost:


Pretty good game. I enjoyed it.

It is very good, Makes Fun



I played this for a YT video and I almost cried, seriously. This is amazing so far and I'm really excited to see where else you take this game. Thank you for this experience, I look forward to more from you! 

simple. scary. effective

I'll never trust corridors again! but a well made game none the less! Was on the edge of my seat for most of the game, definitely worth checking out 

it was great !!!!

Tried out your game...


Created by Jaboblu

Creepy jumpscare at the end, that sure did scare the living out of me. Awesome game!

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I enjoyed the game so far I can't wait to see what you do with this game in the future!  I gave the game a try in this new video! 


what was the song that plays on the vinvyl record?? I cant find it anywhere its actually really catchy


I... don't know what this game is. It's like you woke up all alone in a hotel and everyone had gone somewhere else. Then you receive a prank call? There is a jump scare nearing the end. Then you realize... you are the cabaret! 


Nice game

Very surreal and strange but I liked it. Looking forward to what else you have in store with the full game if there will be one.

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This Game stands out. The end is actually quite terrifying lol! Great game!

10:24 For the scary scares! if your impatient :D

Let me start by saying that I am a fan of Art deco and damn does this game pull on my heart string whilst putting me on edge on every turn. Love love love

Very neat horror game for sure, scary atmosphere, especially loved the fact that there was no monster presence at all, and yet I was still on edge through most of the game.

For sure looking for more.

Scary one

This was great! A bit loud, but the atmosphere was honestly great. Especially the hallway at the end! 

Game starts at 16:59

Such a simple game, yet it really scared me!! Honestly great job! I loved it!! I really can't wait for the full versions because this game kept me wanting more 😃

Really enjoyed this game!!

Was very trippy and I was very confused 😂 because I didn’t really fully understand what was happening 😂 

The detail was good, I loved all the sounds they made me jump every time!!! 
Very different! 
Great work! Keep it up! 

Check out my game play :) x 


We loved this game! The art style is soo cool. And it has a cutscene, which is fancy.  Check it out below! If you enjoy the vid, please leave a like and a comment! And if you'd life to see more awesome content, please SUBSCRIBE! Thanks a ton for your support!


Got that Shining vibes flowing. I really liked this!


Ambiance so thick it oozes out of the computer. Brilliant use of level design.


Jogo muito bom!! Sorte que tive My lilo pone pra me ajudar



Interesting atmosphere and a constant feeling of being watched. Very good presentation, I liked it!

I absolutely loved the sound effects and timing of the scares - really great job! 

I'm very curious about the creature with the scratchy nails! I kept expecting a goblin or something to jump out at me 😂

Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 13:42! Hope you enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!

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